The N1 Buying Group is the first buying group of its kind in the car wash industry and has been created to add value to its members and suppliers in the car wash industry. The group leverages the collective purchasing power of its members to create value for the members and create a platform of growth for suppliers. 



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We're Better Together


Expand market share by leveraging the buying group to reach new customers without the transitional sales and marketing costs associated with customer acquisition.  Suppliers also gain efficiencies and reduced transaction costs through Central Billing.


Grow Customer Base

Suppliers, by offering good supply programs have the opportunity to expand their customer base with access to distributors and operators within the N1 Buying Group that they currently are not selling to today.  Suppliers spend tremendous marketing dollars and energy just to get in the door to see key prospects. With the N1 Buying Group, suppliers can replace marketing costs with effective rebate programs that attract new members/customers without the additional sales and marketing costs typically associated with customer acquisition.  Rebate programs also incentivize existing customers to consider moving more purchases to participating suppliers.  Many businesses will split spend between suppliers.  However, buying group members will evaluate moving as much spend to participating suppliers as makes sense for their business.

Central Billing & Efficiencies

N1 Buying Group uses the Central Billing system to improve the business process. Suppliers benefit from on-time payments, reduce/eliminate bad debt exposure, and streamline the invoicing and payment processes.  Today’s business is being conducted quickly, accurately, and electronically.  The N1 Buying Group, by using the best technology solutions, positions the industry to move into this low-cost operating billing model. 

Negotiate the Group "Rebate Deals" Once

Reduce administration efforts by negotiating the N1 Buying Group "Rebate Deal" once on behalf of all the members, instead of with each customer separately.  N1 believes pricing is best when left to the member and the supplier to agree upon, but rebates are negotiated once for all N1 Buying Group members.

Download the N1 Buying Group Supplier's Information Booklet

Included in the Supplier's Info Booklet are the complete details of what it means to be an N1 Supplier.


Increased Access to Distributors' and Operators' Executives

Gain access to the top-level executives at all N1 Buying Group distributors and operators to possibly grow sales and relationships.


Rebates Protect the Street Price of Products

Rebates protect the street price of products while rewarding Group members that support the chosen suppliers.

Ongoing Customer Service

N1 Buying Group provides ongoing customer service to all members and suppliers to provide you with:

  • Program Training of payment platforms

  • General buying group inquiries

  • Central Billing and invoicing assistance

  • N1 website and marketing material inquiries


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