A common theme of well-run buying groups: members join for the financial benefits, but  stay for the networking benefits. See below for these Financial and Networking Benefits, and more!


Centralized negotiations on major product categories

Suppliers are selected by the members, for the members.  Product committees will vet suppliers' programs and select key supplier(s) to support key product categories.  Members will be encouraged to participate on the product committees to help pick the right suppliers for the group.

Confidential Rebates

Rebate programs have been established with all N1 suppliers for our members to earn rebates on their purchases through the Group. Rebates are distributed periodically and are completely confidential to the member and to the supplier.

Central Billing for Improved Invoicing and Payment Processing

N1 Buying Group uses Central Billing technology to streamline the invoicing and payment processing. Central Billing consolidates the invoicing process for the members.  Consolidation of invoicing creates efficiencies for both members, which tends to increase sales for suppliers.  Suppliers are guaranteed payment based on the terms they determine, resulting in a much more streamlined payment process for participating suppliers.

Improved Payment Terms

With negotiated programs and guaranteed payments to suppliers, members may receive improved payment terms through the Group.

Only purchase through the group when it makes sense for your business

Members are encouraged, but are not required to switch all their purchases through to the Group's participating suppliers. At times, members may be receiving better prices in certain product categories or there may be regional distribution issues that require a member to purchase through a local supplier. At the end of the day, you must do what makes sense for your business!

Download the N1 Buying Group Member's Information Booklet

Included in the Member's Info Booklet are the complete details of what it means to be an N1 Member.


Exclusive Annual Meetings​

Annual General Meeting - Members meeting to discuss industry trends, educational forum, group development, and networking with members and suppliers.

Best Practices Sharing

There is a saying amongst buying groups, and it is that "Members may join for the financial benefits, but they stay for the networking benefits." The sharing of best practices is yet another benefit to members where they can discuss individual best practices in a friendly matter. Even if you are direct competitors. The confidence and comradery is strong within buying groups.

Access to a Forum of Top-Level Member & Supplier Executives

Many members within buying groups develop close relationships with their fellow members to a level where some become close friends.

On top of building relationships with your fellow members, you are granted access to the top-level executives at all members and suppliers within the Group. N1 strongly encourages its members to build relationships with one another and become more active within the Group.


Group Governance

Since the N1 Buying Group is for members it should be governed by members. The N1 Buying Group Board of Directors is composed of appointed members that will determine the direction of the group.

Access to Industry Top-Tier Suppliers

Some of the industry's biggest names and brands are suppliers with N1 Buying Group with confidential rebate programs already in place for member purchases. Top suppliers in Tunnel Equipment, In-Bay Equipment, Roll-Over Equipment, Self-Service Equipment, Primary Chemicals, and more.

Car Wash Start-up Expertise

For those members growing their businesses, N1 Buying Group has access to a collection of experts for best practices in developing or opening a new car wash facility.

Ongoing Customer Service

N1 Buying Group provides ongoing customer service to all members and suppliers to provide you with:

  • Program Training of payment platforms

  • General buying group inquiries

  • Central Billing and invoicing assistance

  • N1 website and marketing material inquiries

Improved Access and Understanding of Purchases

Each member will have access to reports on purchases they have made through the group to track involvement and determine ways to maximize future rebates by changing their purchasing habits.


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