The N1 Buying Group is the first buying group of its kind in the car wash industry and has been created to add value to its members and suppliers in the car wash industry. The group leverages the collective purchasing power of its members to create value for the members and create a platform of growth for suppliers. 



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See below for some common questions you may have about N1 Buying Group or how the buying group works. 

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In its simplest form, a buying group is the coming together of similar independent businesses to leverage their combined purchasing power to receive improved financial benefits on the products they buy.  Successful buying groups bring efficiencies to the supply chain and growth to suppliers rather than simply flexing their "market power" to extract a better deal.

Efficiencies are created when suppliers can rely on the buying group to perform functions more cost-effectively than the current model of each supplier dealing with each independent business separately.  These efficiencies are in sales, marketing, and administration (invoicing/payments).


Members, when properly incentivized, will move their purchases to the suppliers that support the buying group.  Because of this, buying group suppliers will enjoy sales growth by having programs with the buying group.  Suppliers can market and sell to buying group members at a lower cost compared to their traditional channels.

Buying groups operate in most industry sectors and can be found at a both the wholesale and retail level. Buying groups exist in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and most countries in Europe.


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