The N1 Buying Group is the first buying group of its kind in the car wash industry and has been created to add value to its members and suppliers in the car wash industry. The group leverages the collective purchasing power of its members to create value for the members and create a platform of growth for suppliers. 



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Finally, a buying group from the car wash industry. Introducing the buying group for car wash distributors, distributors/operators, operators, and car wash suppliers.

We invite you to learn about your industry's first buying group and the value it brings

to its members and suppliers!


To bring purchasing efficiencies and networking opportunities to our members and suppliers while operating ethically and responsibly in all that we do.


The N1 Buying Group has been created to add value to its members (Distributors, Operators and Distributors/Operators) and suppliers in the car wash industry.  The N1 Buying Group leverages the collective purchasing power of its members to improve profitability for members and to create a platform of growth for suppliers.


The driving force in launching the N1 Buying Group was HOWCO Inc. and Autobell Carwash. Both Companies are well-respected leaders in the car wash industry and are also two of the founding members N1 Buying Group. 


The need for N1 Buying Group was identified by the founders and came from the fact that businesses in the car wash industry do not have an organization that can leverage the purchasing power of a group of operators/distributors.  There is also a need to create a forum focused on improving products and supply chain processes. The N1 Buying Group’s goal is to address these two primary concerns.

The N1 Buying Group is the first of its kind in the car wash industry.  There are no other buying groups in the car wash industry that focus on operators and distributors.


The N1 Buying Group is set up as a central billing purchasing cooperative for its Members. This is a “best practice” model used by most successful buying groups.  N1 has and will negotiate supply agreements with some of the industry's top suppliers and/or manufacturers.  These supply agreements specify that the N1 Buying Group will earn rebates based on the total volume of purchases made by the members in exchange for recommending to the members that they support the supplier with their purchases.  Members still negotiate their own prices with these vendors and manufacturers.  Rebates earned by the Group are in addition to any discounts the member negotiates on its own.  The profit of the buying group (rebates minus operating expenses) are then paid out to the members proportionally as to how they were earned.  If a member’s purchases represented 5% of the income earned, they would receive 5% of the rebates paid out.  


Members are asked to participate in the affairs of the Buying Group from time to time.  Members help qualify and select preferred suppliers through a committee process.  Members are elected to the Board of Directors to help determine strategy and set direction for the future.  Members are incentivized to attend annual meetings so they can participate in the various networking opportunities, including meetings with suppliers.  The annual meeting provides a forum for top management of suppliers to meet with the members’ top management.  It’s an opportunity for suppliers to meet with top customers and top potential customers, all in one event, significantly reducing sales expenses and travel costs.



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